APES OF THE STATE (US) & support: Ilse Krohn Superiors (KI)

APES OF THE STATE (US/Pennsylvania)
& support: ILSE KROHN SUPERIORS (Kiel)
Datum: 05.05.2024
Einlass: 19h
Genre: Indie-Folk-Punk
VVK: 13 € zzgl. Geb.
Abendkasse: 16 €
Tickets: https://www.tixforgigs.com/Event/54177
(Inkl. 1 ClubEuro FairTix-Spende # fair-tix.de)
APES OF THE STATE: is an independent Lancaster, PA based folk punk band.
Their sound is very lyrical, influenced by storyteller singer/songwriters such as Paul Baribeau and Everyone Except Me. Apes of the State takes the simplicity and straightforward, emotional writing style of these influences and combines it with the drive and power of a full band. Their sound is under constant evolution but is deeply rooted in punk rock, folk, and bluegrass. As a band, they are driven by DIY ethics with a goal of helping as many people as possible with their music. They sing songs about whatever makes them feel things, like love, heartbreak, student loan debt, regret, and overcoming addiction.

ILSE KROHN SUPERIORS: Vier Ilsen mit Schlagzeug/Akkordeon/Orgel/Gitarre/Mundharmonika/Gesang/digitaler Schnick-Schnack/ Tontechnik aus Kiel mit Harburger Roots
gefördert von der Initiative Musik – Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien