The Party goes on! Streams Feat.: Ufa Palava/ High John, Snaer

Für alle Liebhaber von gepflegten Hip Hop Instrumentals/ Lofi Hip Hop, senden wir am Donnerstagfrühabend einen Stream zum freestylen, chillen, sketchen oder sonstige Entspannungsübungen.
Hamburgs Produzentenszene wächst seit Jahren und hat erstaunliche Quallität zu bieten!

Stream 1 Ufa Palava:
UFA PALAVA is an Hamburg-based recording artist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, music teacher & graphic artist from Germany. He is a bandmember of „We don’t suck, we blow!“, composer and bandmember of „CHEDDAR“ and part of the „RAW Suppliers“ beat and art collective.

Stream 2 High John:
Formaly known as Jonathan Matton was born as the first son of drummer Christopher Taylor. At an early age Jonathan lived in several countries and cities after living in Cologne, Budapest and Thessaloniki he is now based in Hamburg,Germany working as a musician . 
 With a variety of many different styles his music creates a unique sound. Jazz, Soul and Funk music are the loopdiggers main sample sources. For his productions he uses his own drums grooves, key melodies and bass lines. He worked together with various artists of his collective Raw Suppliers. Such es Maschmeyer, RzumA and Plusma. besides producing instrumental music he works as a lyricist and produces beats for rapper Comic, Sherlock Flows and Soul Singer Douniah. 
 Besides his digital releases many of High Johns works are available on vinyl and tape released on Labels such as HMG, Saturation.Sound, Raw Suppliers, Dezi-Belle and Melting Pot Music.All inquiries preferable via Instagram: @itshighjohn elsewise Email:

Stream 3 Snaer: The young Hamburg/Germany based producer’s beats are nodding and laidback with a lo-fi flavour, well-dosed vocal sprinkles and jazzy samples. Veranda is his debut beattape, meanwhile he has released another beattape drftwoods and placed beats on releases by Alanna Aguiar and Zac Flewids amongst others. Also make sure you checkout his remixes on SoundCloud