SKA for you: Babylove&the Van Dangos / Support Braszta

Babylove&the Van Dangos / Support Braszta
Ab: 19:30
Genre: SKA/ Rocksteady
Vvk.: 15,-€ (zzgl.Gebühren)
AK.: 20,-€

In a world of fast food music and short expiration dates, Babylove and the van Dangos are hellbent on trying to claw their way through the white bread that fills the airwaves, and give an alternative to people who feel that it doesn’t quite fill their belly. Babylove & the van Dangos are here to play ska and they don’t intend on leaving the stage without being dragged off stage, kicking and screaming.

Since Babylove & the van Dangos first set sail from the salty docks of Copenhagen in 2004, they’ve managed to place them selves among the top acts of the ska scene. Their music has brought them all over Europe and as far away as the land of the rising sun. They’ve played over 700 concerts ranging from some of the biggest festivals in Europe to stages not quite suitable for a seven piece band. They’ve released six studio albums and appeared on numerous compilations.

With their roots planted deep in the tradition of early Jamaican music, such as Ska and Rocksteady, Babylove & the van Dangos has let their branches grow wild with out any pruning. Listen closely and you will hear influences from everything from Blues to Doo Wop and the lyrical pendulum swings from political to the abstract. The codeword is timeless music that moves your soul as well as your feet. In the tradition of Jamaican music, this is dancing music and Babylove and the van Dangos is a band you want to catch live since it is through their live performances that they’ve managed to build a solid fan base through out all of Europe.

Good music doesn’t need anything but a hard working band and an audience that will carry them on their shoulders. For this band, miles on the road counts more than Youtube hits. Having a beer after the gig with old and new friends counts more than Facebook fans. And giving the people who have put them where they are today the best live show possible is a duty. In the words of the band itself, „It’s a beautiful relationship. We know that the people are always there for us and they know we’re always there for them. How could it fail?“