Psychedelic Madness – Hitech Edition

After a long break, we are happy to finally be guests at the Stellwerk Hamburg again.
We are full of anticipation to celebrate the 20th Psychedelic Madness with you, so we´ve invited familiar friends and fresh new talents to lead you through the night with energetic and mesmerizing music.


Benido LIVE (Higher Voltage/ Mind Modulation Records)

Neekosh (Hello Darkness Events)

PSY3PO (Damaru Records)


We want to emphasize that we promote a community based on respect, diversity, and tolerance. Racism, antisemitism, sexism,homo- or transphobia have no place at our events. Each individual is responsible for ensuring that all guests feel comfortable.
If you witness or experience an uncomfortable situation, please do not hesitate to contact our team immediately. We are here to ensure that any form of discrimination or harassment is promptly and appropriately addressed.
Together, we can create an atmosphere where everyone feels respected and valued. Let’s work together to combat prejudices and create an inclusive environment where all are welcome. Thank you for being a part of these efforts.


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