The Most Famous Unknown/ Neustart 2 Stream

Wir haben noch Einiges bis Jahresende an Streams zu senden, da wir noch nicht mit offenen Clubs im Oktober gerechnet haben.

Beginn: 14 Uhr

The Most Famous Unknown
We identify our music as post grunge indie rock. We always played music that we liked and managed to develop our
own style accordingly, and under the influence of our favourite bands. THE MOST FAMOUS UNKNOWN’s debut
album is a diverse collection of songs resembling the musical spirit of 90’s grunge rock with hints of punk rock and
modern indie rock.
THE MOST FAMOUS UNKNOWN are Marco (Bass/Vocs), Ben (Drums) and Daniel (Guitar/Vocs). The Band was
founded in 2012 on a rather drunk but enthusiastic wedding night of Bens and Daniels sister. TMFU hasn’t changed
its setup ever since. Originating in Hamburg, Germany Ben and Daniel live here for almost 20 years. Marco moved to
Hamburg in 2010 from Italy, which explains why the band is talking english all the time.
Fun Fact: Ben and Daniel are actually brothers, as you might have guessed already.
In 2015, the band founded its own label called TMFU Records to stay financially and creatively independent. TMFU
also loves to invite fellow musicians and friends for a jam session and some beer, which often leads to new ideas
and inspirations. So it was only a matter of time until a projects band evolved. Under the working title TMFU
Projects the band creates, together with the rapper A* the Pathfinder and other musicians, a fusion of rock and rap
that makes you bounce. This side project already released „Give it to me, Baby“ under the TMFU label, a full album
is planned.
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