Pavlo Treba / Jazz-hop/ Ambient

Pavlo Treba
September 21th
Doors: 8pm
pre sell:

Prepare to be spellbound, Hamburg! Rising from the vibrant streets of Kyiv and now sweeping the European music scene, Ukraine’s prodigious jazz-hop artist is coming to grace our city with a riveting performance that melds Eastern European melodies with the pulsating beats of jazz and hip-hop.

This isn’t just a concert;it’s an experience. Dive into an intoxicating blend where traditional Ukrainian instruments dance with urban rhythms, creating a soundscape that resonates with both history and modernity. This is where jazz’s improvisation meets hip-hop’s raw energy.

But there’s more. Beneath the music lies a story, a narrative of passion, resilience, and a yearning for connection. Our star artist, having honed their skills in the jazz bars of Kyiv and the hip-hop clubs of Odesa, brings to Hamburg a tale of a nation that sings, dances, and remains unbroken.

Grab your tickets now and step into a world where every note tells a story. Let the rhythms of Ukraine sweep you off your feet, and let the heartbeats of Hamburg pulsate in time. This is a one-night-only spectacle, a cultural journey not to be missed.

Date: 8th of September
Tickets: Limited Availability. Secure yours today!

Experience music. Experience Ukraine. Experience jazz-hop like never before.