NERDS w/ Luigi Lucifero, Chincha, Philipp Staab, Melodiiiy

We are happy to announce our techno event „nerds“ on September 24th, 2022 at 7 p.m. at Stellwerk Harburg. this time we have a very special artist in our luggage. already at the beginning of the 90s he made the techno scene in hamburg unsafe. a DJ vinyl acrobat and producer from the very beginning. Luigi Lucifero. he remixed his latest track for french bejamnin shielden. he works as an artist for film music in hollywood. among other things for the film colt 45. the next act is chincha by art & techno. „Techno is art“, dedicating yourself to a new idea and then intuitively implementing these impulses describes chincha’s liveliness at art & techno. as a spirited driver and front man, we appreciate his greatest passion: „performing behind the decks!“ anyone who has seen chincha live knows his catchy style. the next special act philipp staab – dj and producer/remixer frankfurt/hamburg germany growing up in frankfurt am main, philipp’s life always revolved around music. in 2006 he started to turn the first vinyls on stage and already in 2008 the music scene started to recognize his talent by being invited to several gigs and events like „the sunday afterhours“ in the gambrinus station near frankfurt. Besides playing vinyl sets, Philipp focuses on his live act development the concept only analogue hardware, with no computers or presets.
Line Up A-Z:
26.11.22 Stellwerk
Luigi Lucifero
(Mystic Carousell Records / Madrid)
(Art & Techno / Hamburg)
(Nerds / Hamburg)
Philipp Staab
(Nerds / Hamburg)